Monday, May 23, 2011

Dystopian Wars Empire of the Blazing Sun

Here is an order for the Dystopian Wars Empire of the Blazing Sun Naval Battle Group box set. These models are made mostly of resin with a few metal parts. The bombers are all metal. Clean-up was minimal and the casting quality was high.

The customer picked the overall colors. I went with a slightly more used, dirtier look as though the fleet has been out for a while:

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Warhammer Bretonnian Army Finished

Here's a Warhammer Bretonnian Army recently completed for a customer. The characters have already been delivered and there are more units and figures to add but this is the core of the army. It includes two Bretonnian Battalion boxed sets and a unit of Grail Knights.

I did a typical Bretonnian scheme focusing more of Red, Blue, Black, White, and Yellow for the knights' heraldry. I reserved green for use more with the Damsels, and we already delivered a Green Knight model, so those will stand out from the bulk of the army. I would have liked to really go crazy with the heraldry on some of the knights but we ran into the usual restrictions of time and money. It's expensive for the customer if I have to put a lot of time into the model, such as with complex heraldry, so I try and keep costs down a bit for them by simplifying things.

The peasant foot were done in more muted colors reflecting their status. Brighter colors were used for thier badges and standards. The contrasts between the brighter knights and duller peasants really adds to the visual appeal of a Bretonnian army.

The Bretonnian Army

Close-up of one of the units of Men-At-Arms

An overview of a unit of Knights of the Realm

All of the Knights together

Close-up of the Grail Knights

Side view of all of the knights

Both units of Men-At-Arms

Both units of Archers

There will be images of the Pegasus Knights and a Damsel soon. Then the army will be flushed out by adding about 10 more Men-At-Arms to each unit, 5 more Grail Knights, about 10 more Knights of the Realm, and a few more Lords and Damsels.