Monday, August 20, 2018

28mm Trojan Wars Project: Large Addition of Hittites, Amazons, and Others

We've been busy lately finishing up this large batch of figures for a customer's Trojan War/ Mythology project. This batch adds about 260 figures to the collection. Figures are a mix of manufacturers: Foundry, Mew Line Designs, Warlord Games, Crocodile Games, Reaper, and more.

The Hittites: 6 units of spear, a unit of bow, and a unit of chariot runners

Close up of the Hittite Spear

The Amazons: 4 units of spear, one unit of bow, and two units of slings

Close-up of the Amazon spear

Nice view of the Amazon shields

The Amazon bow and slings

Medusa Gorgons from Casting Room Miniatures


The Graes

Some figures to go with the Amazon camp

And more for the Amazon camp

King Aeetes and his Guard

Mycenaen Elites

More Mycenaen Elites

More Mycenaen Warriors from Eureka Miniatures

Close-up showing the cloak borders

Hittite and Canaanite Civilians. Fantastic patterns by Allison

King Priam and some Helen of Troys, plus a servant and witch

A random Beach Babe and succubus

Some Bronze-Age Warrior Women

More Bronze-Age Warrior Women

A Sorceress from Reaper

A warrior from Reaper with a tattoo

Quite a few figures in this batch, and they will really bulk up the collection. Allison and I both worked on this one on various figures or tasks, playing to each others' strengths to try and get the order done as quickly as possible while still maintaining quality. Still this one took a chunk of time with this many figures in the batch.

Next up for this project will be some planning and initial work on the Mycenaen gate and palace, and also coming up are two or three more bulk orders for this project to take it to the next level. But first, I need to get some work done on some other customers' projects.