Sunday, February 27, 2011

Isle of Blood High Elves All Done!!!

The last of the High Elves.  Worked all morning today on just the mages.  I'm sure after Bob gets them flocked he will post final pictures of the entire lot of them in all their glory.  Figures always look better flocked.
Here's the beginnings of the Sea Guard, simply sloppy base coats.  There is some highlighting in my usual pseudo-Dallimore method.  :-)

Again, the beginnings of the Warriors of Hoeth.

Mages.  Bob and I decided to leave their cloaks separate because getting behind them would be a pain in the butt.

Close-up of the mid-stages of painting.  Still pretty basic, some highlighting and a still a lot of sloppiness.

Here we are, done.


Same mage, different color scheme.  Funny how a little paint makes them look so different and gives them a different feel.

I decided not to do anything fancy with the backs of their cloaks.  I was going to put the little stars on them but decided against it.

A little close-up.

 Sorry, no real time to add all the details about how I painted them, too many papers to grade.  Perhaps I can go back when I have the time and post color choices.  Hope you enjoy!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Field of Glory Dark Ages Armies Finished

We just finished up a commission of these two dark ages armies for Field of Glory. The first is a Norman army and the second in an Anglo-Danish army. All figures are Old Glory 15's.

There is a previous post on the blog of these figures before flocking. It's amazing how much the flocking changes the final appearance of the figures. As I said in the other post, I hate taking pics of the figures before they are based and finished; They just don't seem right.

 The first army is a Norman army. Composed of a core of knights it has some foot to round it out. Here is an overview of the Norman spearmen and archers:

An overview of the Norman knights:

Overview of the Norman dismounted knights and command stands:

The Norman knights:

The Norman command stands:

The Norman spearmen. We went with somewhat more darker, murkier colors as these are the regular infantry:

The dismounted Norman knights:

The Norman archers:

The second army is the Anglo-Danish army. Lots of foot make up this force. Here's a view of the whole Anglo-Danish army:

An overview of the Anglo-Danish command stands, slingers, and javeliners:

An overview of the greater fyrd and huscarls:

An overview of the lesser, or poor quality, fyrd:

The lesser fyrd arranged in a line as a shield wall:

The block of lesser fyrd. These are the lower class warriors so we again made the colors a bit darker and murkier, with plain one-color shields. There are 128 figures in this block:

The Anglo-Danish command stands:

The greater fyrd. These would be greater land owners and lesser nobles so we went with brighter colors and fancier shields:

The huscarls:

The slingers and javeliners:

Some more views along the lesser fyrd's shield wall: