Saturday, March 29, 2014

Firestorm Armada Sorylian Collective

Here's some Firestorm Armada ships from Spartan Games we did for a customer. These make up a Sorylian Collective fleet. These were nice castings that required very little clean up and they are nicely detailed.

We did end up painting the flight stands in flat black for the customer but I wanted to show off how they come in a clear acrylic.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Warhammer Fantasy Battles Empire Luminark of Hysh

Here's a Luminark of Hysh we did for a customer. Earlier, we had done the other version of this piece, the Hurricanum which can be found here:  Hurricanum

This was a complex piece with over 80 parts. We had to paint and assemble it in stages

Monday, March 10, 2014

15mm Alamo Project with Blue Moon Miniatures

A customer had us recently do the Alamo in 15/18mm using Blue Moon figures. Here's how the project turned out. I apologize for the quality of the pics of the Alamo itself in advance but the model is so large I could only grab them on the dining room table.

There are 43 pieces to the Alamo itself of varying sizes:

The Alamo compound

Overview of the whole compound.

In total the project included 29 artillery pieces
The Mexican guns

The Texian guns
 The Mexican forces were 419 foot and 51 mounted:
Overview of the Mexicans

Mexican cavalry

Mexican generals

Top View of the Mexicans
 The Texian forces were 177 foot and 16 mounted:
The Texians

Texian cavalry

New Orlean's Greys and Tennessee Volunteers

A fairly large project to do all in one go. I usually like to break projects up into more manageable chunks but I wanted to get this one done and out of the way as we are getting ready to start a long term large project of about 20,000 15mm Napoleonic figures.