Monday, April 28, 2014

28mm WWII with Old Bolt Action Metal Figures

Here's a bunch of different old Bolt Action WWII figures we did for a customer. These are the older metals from before Warlord bought the line. Still some of my favorite WWII figures, these were a lot of fun to paint. Lots of character, I like the proportions, and the sculpting was very clean.

US Infantry

British Infantry

German Infantry

And more German Infantry

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Center Stage Demons and Devils

These are some of the devils and demons from Center Stage Miniatures' Kickstarter that we did for a customer. There's a nice bit of variety with the figures having a very nice Old School look to them, 1'st Edition D&D style.

I think I have them labeled correctly. If not I apologize in advance.

Two Characters

Amon and his Winter Wolf

Bone Demon

Night Hag

Hell Hounds


Imp and Quasit

Lemure Devils

Dretch Demons

Spined Devils


Barbed Devil


Bearded Devil

Not sure who this guy is???

Hezrou Demon

Horned Devil

Vrock Demons

The figures themselves were not bad. Pretty cleanly cast with some in resin and some in metal. My biggest issue was the attachment of some of the parts. The Vrocks' wings, for example, had two tiny pins for help in attaching them. I ended up adding a good sized steel pin to help hold the wing on since they are pretty big. It wasn't much of a problem for me, since I have the tools and materials here, and the experience. Someone newer to the hobby may have issues, however.

My other issue was with the sizes of the bases they included. All of the regular sized creatures came on 1.25 inch slotta bases. Since most games are played on a 1 inch grid these bases were useless for small and medium sized creatures. I replaced those bases with 1 inch slotta bases for use with games on grid mats and sets like Dwarven Forge and Dungeonstone.