Saturday, April 6, 2019

28mm Dacian Reinforcements and Original Dacian Warband

Here are some Dacians to expand a customer's existing forces. All figures are from Wargames Foundry and all shield designs are hand painted. I still love Foundry's figures and always find them a joy to paint!

Here is the command stand with a couple of separate leader figures. I did a little bit more detail to these by adding some more clothing patterns and picked out my favorite shield designs for them.

Here are some detail pictures showing the shield details and the clothing patterns on some of the rank and file. You can really go nuts on Dacians with their clothing but to try and keep costs reasonable for the customer I try and keep the more detailed patterns for leader types, then do a couple of the rank and file to pump them up a little.

Looking back through the blog I just realized I never did a post for the first batch. So here they are:

More 28mm Greeks, Chariots, and Congo Figures

Here is a bit of a mix of figures I did for one of our customers. This expands on their collection adding some figures for their Congo games and more Trojan Wars stuff.

First up the Congo stuff. Some adventurers and natives:

Next a few leader types for the Mycenaens and Amazons:

And finally a couple of Mycenaen chariots: