Thursday, August 30, 2012

Reaper Dungeons and Dragons and Chronoscope Figures

Allison recently completed another batch of RPG figures for a customer. Since the order included an otyugh and a carrion crawler we repainted two Ral Partha versions we had here. The first two pics show the repaints. The following pics are almost all of Reaper figures, with a couple of exceptions included.

Ral Partha's Carrion Crawler and Otyugh

Reaper's Otyugh and Carrion Crawler

These figures are made by Eastern Front Studios from their Fathoms Deep and Dungeon Crawl lines. The one on the left is a revenant, the middle one is a death knight, and the one on the right is a sea serpent.

A Beholder and a Gibbering Mouther.

The middle figure in the picture below is from the Iron Kingdoms line of miniatures from Privateer Press:

More zombies. One can NEVER have enough zombies.

The figure on the left below is also from Eastern Front Studios' Dungeon Crawl line. It is called a Soul Wraith. The figure on the right is Reaper's version of a grell:

A trio of small monsters also from Reaper. The figure on the left represents a gauth, we think the figure in the middle is supposed to be a roper (though I always thought they were larger), and I can't recall what the figure on the right is supposed to be. Allison found it in one of the monster manuals:

More characters; I love the figure on the left:

A green slime and a half-gaint:

More undead:

The order also included some Chronoscope figures. These are made by Reaper and are sort of a Sci-Fi old west themed line of figures.

I really like the Chronoscope figures. They have really nice detail and there's some interesting figures in the line.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

WWII French for Flames of War

Next up are some early WWII French from Battlefront for Flames of War. This includes some armor and AA trucks, and there's even a few US vehicles at the end for the same customer.

All vehicles were airbrushed with Vallejo Model Air, following Battlefront's painting guide for the French. Decals are also from Battlefront.
Panhard Armored Cars

SP 47mm Anti-tank Guns

SP 75mm AA Trucks

Souma S-35 Tanks

Hotchkiss H-39 Tanks

The Company HQ

M^ 37mm ATG trucks

15mm WWII Germans for Flames of War

Next up are a batch of 15mm WWII Germans we did for a customer for Flames of War. This batch included some artillery, some AA guns, and some other odds and ends.

 32mm AA guns

Major Bruno Koenig and his snipers

MG Company

Herman Goering Division Company HQ

A Ferdinand Tank Destroyer

Some SdKfz 251/1C Halftracks

105 cm Howitzers

88 cm AA Guns