Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Second Batch of Reaper Miniatures Finished for D&D/ Fantasy RPGs

This is the second batch of Reapers will are doing as a commission for a customer. The first batch was posted previously on the blog here. There will be one more batch to finish up the commission, slightly smaller than this one. Since there were quite a few high quality miniatures in this order we split the order into three chunks. This allowed us to get some figures out to the customer quicker and also makes the shipping a bit easier. A smaller package weighs a bit less and there is less things stuffed in the package to bump against each other and damage each other.

First up is a troll and some other creature that I can't recall at the moment:

Some Pathfinder critters

Some miscellaneous animals


Close up of some of the goblins



Ogre Champion and Shamen

The Ogre Shamen

More Ogres