Thursday, June 25, 2015

28mm WWI British from Brigade Games

As promised here are the WWI British we did for Brigade Games of their African/Palestine WWI line. This batch included some Australians and African Colonial troops.

First up the Australians:

Here's some British cavalry:

The King's African Rifles:

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

28mm WWI Germans from Brigade Games

Sorry its been quiet lately. We were on vacation, then had to try and catch up on things once we got home. Then we had to get the business back up and chugging along. That's the downfall of being self-employed with no employees: nothing gets done when you're out.

Here are some WWI troops painted up for Brigade Games. First up some German sailors:

Next German Schutztruppe:

And some German Askaris:

And some basic German troops:

These are from before we left, I just didn't get the chance to post them. I'll try and get the British up by the end of the week.