Thursday, December 6, 2012

A Variety of Recently Finished Commissions

Here's more stuff from a couple of different orders we've recently done. First up are some 40mm Napoleonic Austrian cavalry. These are still on the painting sticks since the customer wanted to do his own basing:

Here's an image of some 15mm Vietnam ANZACs:

The 28mm Artizan Designs characters from Kelly's Heroes:

A few 28mm dark ages civilians. These are made by Gripping Beast:

Another 28mm fantasy football team. This time, its a Scottish Dwarven team:

Two wraiths made by Otherworld Miniatures:

A set of the Reaper Miniatures mouslings:

The miniatures from the Gears of War boardgame:

The evil Trees from Architects of War:

Two Bretonnian heroes:

Some Bretonnian mounted Yeomen: