Tuesday, September 29, 2015

More 28mm AWI: Colonial and British Reinforcements

Here are some more units of 28mm AWI we did for a customer. The flags are from The Flag Dude and the figures are from various manufacturers such as: Perry, Fifie and Drum, etc.

2nd Pennsylvania

3rd New York

A couple of miscellaneous colonials to fill in his other units

British Guards

British 27th Line

British 18th Line

The British all together

The colonials all together
 I straightened out all of the bayonets/ rifles when I packed them up for shipping. I prefer to do it this way, messing around with bending them as little as possible.

Friday, September 25, 2015

Warhammer Fantasy Night Goblins!

Another batch of night goblins for a customer's Orc army. There's also some extra netters for adding to the other units we did previously.

Not much else to say here. They are a fun paint, though as multi-part plastic kits they eat up a fair amount of time during assembly. This should just about finish up the goblin units. Now we move on to the orcs and the special figures and units.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Warhammer Fantasy Chaos Sorcerer: Bloab Rotspawned

A fun, if odd, piece we did just for the fun of it. He's not a big as we thought when we saw the box, and that was a little disappointing. However, he is packed with detail as you can see in the pics:

The kit allows you do build three different versions so it has lots of versatility.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

28mm WWII: Old Bolt Action Germans and British

Here's some more old Bolt Action WWII stuff from before Warlord acquired the line. I still love these figures. Nice poses and the weapons have fantastic detail.

The first batch is made up of Germans. There's a variety of stuff here: HMGs, LMGs, riflemen, pioneers, even what looks like two Gestapo agents.


 The second batch is made up of British. Again there's a variety of stuff here from pioneers to riflemen, SMG armed troops, etc:

 Again very enjoyable to paint. A few had some decent mold lines but otherwise clean-up was pretty quick and simple.