Wednesday, November 27, 2013

28mm AWI: Various Pieces

Here's a few AWI units we did for a customer.
Some Jaegers



This was a small order to round out a few items for a customer.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Various Warhammer Fantasy Battle Pieces

These are three of the bigger pieces for Warhammer we recently did for a customer. GW in making some interesting pieces. They are complex, however, with some kits hitting around 80 parts. I've found it best to paint them in stages, doing some pieces on the sprue, then assembling some parts, painting a bit more and touching parts up, and then repeating that process.

This first piece is the Emperor Karl Franz on his griffin, Deathclaw. The kit can actually be made into three different pieces.

The second piece is a Bastiladon for a Lizardmen army. This kit can be made into two variants; the kit is assembled into the Solar Engine version here:

This last piece is the most complex: The Hurricanum for the Empire army. There are loads of details to this kit, including complete details on the inside. In order to paint the inside details you have to do so before assembly. There is simply no way to get to them otherwise.

This kit can also be assembled as the Luminark of Hysh. The customer dropped a second kit off so we can do that one as well so look for it in the future.

28mm French and Indian War Provincials: Virginians

Here's a unit of French and Indian War provincials I painted up as a unit from Virginia. All figures are from Galloping Major Miniatures and can be bought in the states from The Loyahanna Outpost