Tuesday, October 9, 2012

15mm SYW British Army

I love when Sam Mustafa comes out with new rules. It always results in more work coming our way. His rule set Maurice, a set of rules for fighting battles of the Seven Years Wars, is no exception.

 A customer sent us a commission of a 15mm British SYW army. The army loosely represents the British Army in Germany at the Battle on Minden, August 1, 1759.  It contains a mix of British, Hessian, Brunswick, and Hanoverian units.

His Britannic Majesty's Army in Germany

The Cavalry

The British and Hanover Infantry

The German Infantry and Commanders

Casualty Markers

The British Infantry

The Hanoverian Infantry

The Hanover Irregular Infantry

The Brunswick and Hessian Infantry

The British and Hanover Artillery

The Army Commanders and Sub-commanders

The British Cavalry

The Hanover Cavalry

The Hanover Irregular Cavalry

All figures are made by Old Glory 15's and the flags are from The Flag Dude. Astute scholars of the Seven Years Wars will notice that some figures may not have the exact correct uniform for the exact date. We worked with what we had to complete the order and in 15mm , at normal gaming distance of 2-3 feet plus, it shouldn't be a problem.

 I had to do the horse furniture borders somewhat abstract. The Hanover cavalry have pretty complex borders that in 15mm are very difficult to paint on and still have them look decent (unless one devotes tons of time to them). So I simplified them somewhat and to fool the eye into thinking it sees the pattern.