Tuesday, January 15, 2019

15mm ACW CSA Artillery

A Confederate artillery battalion for the battle of Stones River we recently did for a customer. All figures are 15mm and from Old Glory's Blue Moon range.

The guns are not glued down so they can be detached and used with the limbers.

The 6 horse limbers. While they are big and fairly costly, they look impressive and do tend to make artillery take up somewhat of a more realistic footprint on a wargame table.

The two figure stand is a command stand. It is currently awaiting its flag to come in so I can attach it.

Saturday, January 5, 2019

Congo: Sultanate of Zanzibar Warband

Another project I worked on in December along with getting a little work done on some other projects. The holidays chopped up the work schedule quite a bit so I didn't get as much done as I had hoped. Still, this one is complete so I feel a little better about it.

This is a warband for the miniatures game Congo. The Sultanate of Zanzibar is one of the factions. Basically the customer said to paint things like the box art so it was pretty straight forward.

I figured I better go back and explain things a bit better. Seems there's a bit of confusion on TMP since Tango shared this post and in the usual picking of nits there, people claim it makes no sense being from opposite sides of Africa, etc. I rarely go there anymore, and that illustrates one reason why.

December Express: Mycanaean Swordsmen and Chariot

A small batch of swordsmen and a chariot for the Mycenaean project took up the first December Express slot. The shields were all hand-painted.

The chariot was tricky. It didn't want to set level so the customer added another base and I built up the putty around it to blend it in. It was also tricky getting assembled since some sub-assembly needed to be done before to be able to reach spots for painting.

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

November Express: More Mycenaeans and Shang Chinese

We continue to try and adjust to the new schedule here with Allison back to full-time work and me adjusting to watching Rose. Our babysitter was able to watch Rose a bit so I was able to get this batch done as both November Express slots.

These two slots add to the customer's expansive Ancients collection, adding more Mycenaeans and Shang Chinese.

Most of the order included the Crocodile Games' fantastic Amazons. There were also a couple of palace types and a few Shang Chinese civilians/ workers.

28mm Canadian Airborne Reinforcements

A smaller order I did late in the year, this batch of Canadian Paratroopers adds to a customer's collection. Mostly support options with some left over riflemen, this rounds out his army nicely giving a nice variety of options.