Friday, December 17, 2010

Warmachine Menoth Commission

Here's some images of a commission job of Warmachine Menoth figures we did for a customer. This batch had some of the older metal figures and some of the new plastic, or more accurately, resin figures. Personally, I hate assembling the metal ones as they are a pain to put together and take lots of time to assemble. Once you're done the fit isn't always right and you end up having to putty and fill things anyway.

The new resin ones are sweet! They fit together beautifully and glue together easily. The pieces actually have sockets and pegs, and they come in shapes that only fit together one way. The detail on them is superb. They do have a noticeable mold line but that is pretty easily removed with some careful filing and use of a sharp Exacto blade. The new resin figures are a HUGE improvement over the older metal ones. And this comes from someone who prefers metal over plastic.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

28mm HYW Miniatures

Here's some images of a commission job we did for a customer of a batch of HYW figures. All foot are Perry miniatures and the 3 mounted figures are Crusader. We could have spent much more time on King Edward and King Phillip but it would have driven up the cost of the order considerably. So instead I went with something a bit more impressionistic that I think works well on the table from normal gaming distances.

The customer plans to base these himself. I hate taking pictures of figures on the painting sticks as the black sticks really suck up the light and darken the appearance of the figures a good bit. But it does demonstrate that we do orders for customers who prefer to do their own basing.

28mm WWII Soviets

Here are some pics of a 28mm WWII Soviet platoon. All figures are Bolt Action and the flag is from The Flag Dude.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

15mm ACW CSA Commission

Here's some images of an ACW commission we just did of a CSA brigade. All figures are Old Glory 15's and the flags are from The Flag Dude.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Foundry Ancient Greek Heroes and Characters

Allison just completed a commission for some Foundry ancient Greek heroes and characters. The customer wanted these done primarily for display so she did these up to our character standard. I think they came out great!

These are wonderful figures. The detail on them is superb and they are very characterful. They are among my favorites to do.

First up the Argonauts:

 Next Heroes of Greek Mythology:

 Next some Heroes of Troy:

 Here are some Kings and heroes of the Trojan War:

 A close-up of Ajax:

 A close-up of Hercules:

 The Minotaur: