Wednesday, November 26, 2014

15mm WWII: Various stuff

Here's a variety of smaller bits we've done in 15mm WWII:
SU-152's from Quality Castings

Plastic Soldier Company StuGs

Battlefront's 88's

Second Batch of Center Stage Demons and Devils for RPG

This is the second batch of demons and devils from Center Stage Miniatures that we did for a customer. Most of these are multipart metals that required pinning during the assembly process since many of the joins have a lot of stress and torque on them. The are nice looking figures but require some skill to put together.

Type VI demons, or balors

A pit fiend devil

A demon III, glabrezu

A horned devil

A demon IV, or nalfeshnee

A demon type V, or merilith

A molydeus demon

An ice devil, or gelugon

The demon prince Graz'zt

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Games Workshop Space Marine Iwo Jima Diorama

A piece Allison painted up for a customer: the Games Workshop Space Marine Iwo Jima diorama. This was a pretty complex kit to put together; at least 14 metal parts. It was tricky trying to get everything lined up.

25mm Mithril Lord of the Rings figures

It has been a while since an update on here. We've been very busy getting orders out, plus I had some work to do on the house. That has left me with little time to update our web presence.

This is an order of some Lord of the Rings figures made by Mithril Miniatures we did for a customer. Things were either painted to the descriptions given in the books, or based on the art of Angus Mcbride, or based on the desires of the customer. It includes some basic units and some named characters.