Friday, May 31, 2013

28mm Jungle Adventures: Jungle, Tikis, and Zombie Pygmies

Its been a while since we put up a post. Things have been busy here trying to get orders out before the Memorial Holiday plus starting to gear up to complete the Historicon deliveries. To add to the backlog Allison was called in to substitute for most of May. As a result its been a struggle to keep up.

These are some wonderful zombie pygmies from Conquest Miniatures. Ive done a few sets of these before in the past and they are still one of my favorites.

Next are some tikis from Recreational Conflict. These will make neat little additions to the terrain:
Here are the contents of one set. Each set has eight different tikis in it.

Finally we have some jungle tree bases from Architects of War. There are two of their sets here. Some have complained that they are pricey but I feel they are well worth their cost. Sure someone could buy all the individual pieces to make the sets themselves but they would have a lot of running around and hassle to go through to assemble the variety that comes in the kits. Plus they would still have to cut out and texture the bases. Considering with these you break them out of the packaging and go, the time it saves you is well worth it.

Here's some shots with the tikis, jungle, and pygmies all together with a few adventurers thrown in:

Thursday, May 2, 2013

More 28mm MERCs and Moderns

Here's three more MERCs units done for a customer:



FCC House 9



And here is a Reaper mutant that we also painted up for the customer:

These 5 moderns were painted for a another customer. They are from Foundry's wonderful Street Violence range:

Not much else to say about them. We went with a variant for the USCR using the Soviet green so prevalent from the Eastern block instead of the whiter version that is more common.