Thursday, January 5, 2012

28mm Napoleonic Prussians Start Off the New Year

The first order getting sent out this year is a commission of 28mm Napoleonic Prussians manufactured by Calpe. Calpe makes a great figure with fine detail and good character. There are two units for the customer: the I and II battalions of the 3rd Silesian Landwehr from 1815. Since the customer will be doing his own basing the figures are still on the painting sticks.

Landwehr uniforms were all over the place. Since supply was spotty units could appear varied not only from their uniforms but also from their equipment. We chose to go with grey trousers for one battalion and white for the other. Since the time period is rather late we didn't vary things up so much figuring supply might have been better toward the end of the Napoleonic Wars. I had sources that placed both black coats and blue coats on the Silesian Landwehr but went with the blue.