Wednesday, March 28, 2012

More Display Figures for Scale Creep

At long last! Here's another batch of display figures for Mark at Scale Creep Miniatures. I'm really behind with his order and for that I apologize. We've been running behind for a few reasons and we're trying furiously to catch up. I would like to thank my customers for their patience as we chip away at this lead pile.

Note on the bases because some tool will bring up the odd colors on the base sides: Mark has a system for his displays. The color around the side of the base tells him at a glance who the manufacturer is. Since he imports several different lines he needs a way to do this quickly and easily at a show. The color codes on the sides help him do just this.  Despite the fact that I've taken about 5 minutes to explain this I'm sure someone will not read this part and either email me or post about how the wacky base colors don't do it for them. Reading comprehension is not a skill possessed by a whole lot of people today.

First up are some 28mm alien figures from Black Scorpion. These are pretty cool figures and would work great for your alien games. The castings were clean and required very little prep.  They are a little on the big side of 28mm as are most Black Scorpion figures.

Next is the 54mm Black Scorpion Achilles figure. This is one cool model! It is detailed very well and the assembly fit was excellent. It is a great figure for collectors, or if you do happen to game in 54mm.

The last portion of this batch is some of Mark's own Scale Creep brand 15mm  American Civil War. There are 2 limbers so one is painted as a USA limber and one is painted as a CSA limber. These are clean castings and size-wise will match well with Old Glory 15's and such.

Mark's line also includes a nice 15mm Grant from the famous picture of him:

He also has a set of these guys, the reenactors.  Looking at these figures it is easy to see why the North won with their superior technology:

I mean, who uses a watch anymore when your cell phone has a built in clock?

There's one more batch for Mark I'm currently working on which includes some Martian Walkers and some Victorian style submarines. They are getting various parts airbrushed and Mark wanted the submarines well weathered. I'll post some pics when they are done.

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