Friday, April 13, 2012

More 15mm Napoleonic French!

This is a recently completed 15mm Napoleonic French Army for based for the Lasalle rules. This batch will expand this customer's French forces. It includes line, cavalry in the form of lancers, and artillery with limbers.

15mm Napoleonics are one of our most popular items. There are times, though, when it sometimes feels like the movie Groundhog Day.  This was one of those orders. For some reason I could not get any kind of momentum built up on these. As a result, I ended up sinking almost another week into them. It doesn't help that it is tax season and I had to divert some of my attention to getting the taxes sorted out. Now that the taxes are out of the way things are a bit more relaxed here.

Here is the block of infantry. These are 4 battalions from the 92nd foot. He is using the company pom pom color and the flags to designate the battalions:

This order also included cavalry units representing four regiments of lancers from the 1st, 2nd, 5th, and 6th Chevau-leger regiments:

The lances still need straightened a bit more. I will handle that at packing time. I really dislike bending the soft metal numerous times. It tends to weaken it and makes them more prone to break. Since these need to be mailed to the customer I prefer to bend them around a little as possible:

Finally this army included artillery from the 16th Battery, 1st Artillery Regiment:

And a shot of the sub-commander for the army:

The figures are all AB Miniatures. Next up for this customer is a 15mm SYW Austrian army for the upcoming Maurice rules from Sam Mustafa. At least its a change from 15mm Napoleonics!

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