Thursday, May 17, 2012

Russian Hordes! WWII Soviet Flames of War Infantry

So just how many 15mm Battlefront figures are in a 17.5 pound box? The answer is approximately 2200. This is the first batch of figures for that customer's order. There are about 500 figures in this first batch.

The figures are still on the painting sticks as the customer will do his own basing. This makes the figures appear a bit darker in the photos.

The block of approximately 500 Soviet infantry

Close up of some of the command figures

More command figures

Kind of a funny story about this order: I took this on vacation with us while we were in Florida visiting Allison's family. It was a two week trip so there was plenty of down time while people were at work so that gave us plenty of time to work on it. I was in a hurry packing it up to take with us and in my rush I didn't throw all of my references and colors in I would need. As a result, I painted the gas mask pouches on the left hip of the figures wrong. Well, not wrong as there was quite a bit of variety in the color of the WWII Soviet equipment but it wasn't the color I prefer for that piece of equipment; the color I usually see it shown as. So I decided to repaint all 500 gas mask pouches. Five hours later, I was more satisfied with how they looked bu tit was a time and money costly adjustment!

The customer may not end up needing all 2200 figures for his army so that is one reason we will be doing the order in batches. It also helps my sanity so I don't have to paint all that khaki in one go!

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  1. Mother of god...I'm still trying to figure out exactly what all the stuff on my infantry are supposed to be painted. Khaki grey for the uniform, khaki for the pouch slung over the shoulder, some dark brown for the smg pouch, some light brown for the weapon, and usa brown for the bags on the back. It's confusing as hell with all the browns lol. Nice stuff there and kudos for having the patience to do such a large batch at once.