Thursday, September 27, 2012

28mm British Legion Black Dragoons

Here's a batch of 28mm American War on Independence miniatures. They are painted as the British Legion, also known as Tarleton's Legion, specifically the Black Dragoons. There were several units of African-American soldiers employed by the British during the warin various loyalist units. This unit represents one such unit.

The customer wanted to do his own basing so the figures are shown still attached to the painting sticks we typically employ for 28mm figures. We tack the figures down with hot glue. This enables us to handle several figures at once the whole way through the process, from primer to clear coat. We can use an assembly-line process allowing us to complete projects a bit more quickly.

This unit has a mix of cavalry and foot:

The figures are manufactured by Perry Miniatures. They are nice clean castings that require a little bit of clean up, mostly removing the venting pieces left on. I've found the easiest way to find them is to handle the figure, running your fingers over the miniature to locate them.

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