Thursday, March 21, 2013

Three Fantacide Factions

Architects of War produce a fantasy skirmish game called Fanticide. The game has some really interesting models and here are some from three factions: the Flying Monkeys, the Fae, and the Creeps.

The Flying Monkey Warband

Flying Monkey with Band, and regular monkeys in the background

Close up of the Flying Carpet with Monkeys showing the hand painted detail on the carpet

The Flying GOrilla

The Fae Warband

The quarter shows the size of the brownies.

Brownies with the Brownie Master

Fae Satyrs

Fae Satyr Legend with hand painted woad

Fae Bogies and Unicorn

The Creep Warband

The Pit Monster

The Creepy Mother

These are some really neat and unusual models. Allison really outdid herself in painting the eyes on the Creeps. Not only do they look realistic but the have a 'creepy' look to them due to the yellow color. We have some additional pieces to add to these warbands, plus a centaur warband, that you will see this summer.

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