Monday, April 8, 2013

The Hobbit: Escape From Goblintown

The release of The Hobbit movie and miniatures from Games Workshop saw a surge of orders here of the Hobbit miniatures. Three sets of The Escape From Goblintown came in to do for customers. In addition, there's a bunch of the other miniatures that came in to do as well. To make our lives simpler we started with The Escape from Goblintown sets and did all three together to speed up the process. Here's one of the sets and a bit of other stuff we also did. A later post will cover some of the other items, like the orcs, trolls, etc.

Here's the miniatures out of the set:

The Goblinking

The Goblinking's Throne

The Goblins

More of the 36 Goblins that come in the set

The Heroes out of the set

The Goblin Scribe and a few other pieces

These are the giant eagles. They do not come in the Escape From Goblintown box set:

Here's the platforms you get in the box set. There's two large pieces that make up the main platform and four ramps; only two are shown here:

This is the expansion box of Goblintown platforms. This set has a couple of two level walkways/ ramps:

The models were pretty nice. Few needed assembled but those that did went together no problem. One thing we did notice is that a few of the dwarves and Rhadagast did not exactly match the movie versions. Some liberty was taken with regard to their clothing. Not a big deal unless your are particular in those details.


  1. Wow very cool - not really how I pictured the Goblin King looking when I read the book (haven't seen the movie and dont plan to).

    Great work on the painting - what do they all look like when arranged on the scaffold

  2. The goblins and goblin king look pretty much how they did in the movie. We picked up a book of stills to use as a painting reference.

    I liked the movie. It differed from the book somewhat but that doesn't bother me. I see books and movies as two entirely different media and expect there to be differences between the two. But to each their own.

    Not sure how they all look on the scaffolding. Packed everything up and shipped them out without getting a pic of that. Time was running short and I wanted to get them delivered to their owners.