Monday, May 5, 2014

28mm Sci-Fi: Deadzone from Mantic Games

Here's a bit of Sci-Fi: Mantic's Deadzone. Cast in plastic, these figures were a pain to clean. The molding reminded me of those Eastern European model kits of unusual stuff. The casting quality was questionable, lots of parts, and there were some pretty substantial mold lines on the figures. In addition, the plastic is a softer type, meaning you have to slice off the mold line and can't drag or file it off like hard plastic. This takes lots of time and of figures like the Plague it is really hard to remove the line and not destroy the detail. After a day and a half of nothing but clean-up and assembly I moved on despite not having the mold lines removed like I like to have them. Otherwise the price for the work would have gone through the roof with these.

The Plague




Miscellaneous characters with one Enforcer!

Despite the prep problems they painted up really well. Allison did what i think is a superb job on them.

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