Monday, October 5, 2015

28mm Greek Mercenary Hoplites

Here's a box of 28mm plastic Greek hoplites from Victrix to expand a customer's Greek army. This is the Mercenary armored hoplite box of 48 plastic figures. Shield decals were from Little Big Men Studios.

Close-up of a few figures. The customer requested no eyes so we left them with shading.

The kit comes with enough parts to make 48 figures. It is a multi-part kit, where each figure needs to be assembled. The torso, both arms, head, short sword, spear, and shield all need to be glued together. One note about the kit is to check the arms as you are assembling. There are bare arms and arms with a sleeve. Make sure to match them up, but also note the kit is short on some arms pairs; I actually raided another kit for sleeved arms to make these match up more.

Overall a pretty nice kit with decent figures. I'm still partial to metals (with Foundry's Greeks still being my favorite) but this is the best detailed plastic kit of Greeks I've had to do so far. The detail is nice and sharp for a plastic kit, making painting easier. There' is still a fair bit of time involved due to assembly.