Tuesday, June 12, 2018

15mm Team Yankee British Army

Here's the pics to a recently completed Team Yankee British Army. This large force represents the British Army of the Rhine (BAOR). With 98 vehicles, 89 infantry, and about 30 vehicle crewmen it took a considerable amount of time.

The SPG kits and the Harriers are combo resin/ metal kits. The rest of the vehicles were all plastic kits. Infantry were metal. Amazingly, there were no missing parts in this order (except for one helicopter skid which may not have been due to BF). That is really odd for a Battlefront commission!

Decals were provided in the kits. Some were a bit dicey- more fragile than others and difficult to stick down despite using setting solution. Still, I managed to make them work with a bit of patience.

While I liked working on this one, I'm glad it is done. It is taking up a bunch of trays (eight!) and I need the room to ramp up production for Historicon!

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