Friday, December 17, 2010

Warmachine Menoth Commission

Here's some images of a commission job of Warmachine Menoth figures we did for a customer. This batch had some of the older metal figures and some of the new plastic, or more accurately, resin figures. Personally, I hate assembling the metal ones as they are a pain to put together and take lots of time to assemble. Once you're done the fit isn't always right and you end up having to putty and fill things anyway.

The new resin ones are sweet! They fit together beautifully and glue together easily. The pieces actually have sockets and pegs, and they come in shapes that only fit together one way. The detail on them is superb. They do have a noticeable mold line but that is pretty easily removed with some careful filing and use of a sharp Exacto blade. The new resin figures are a HUGE improvement over the older metal ones. And this comes from someone who prefers metal over plastic.

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