Monday, December 6, 2010

Completed Brushfire Figs

We recently completed a commission for some Brushfire figures from On The Lamb Games. I think they painted up well though they were a pain to assemble and before painting seemed a bit dodgy. Each figure is cast in metal with multiple parts and they have minimal assembly aids like voids and pins, so if you decide to get any be prepared for pinning and drilling. For instance I had to drill out for the tails on the Mare Civitas and I used pinning and epoxy to join the tail to the body and the epoxy to blend the tail in. Still in the end I think they turned out well; they're just a little more time consuming.

First up some Mare Civitas stuff:

Mouse Lancers with Jaun of Brisica:

 Rear View of Mouse Lancers

Mouse Conscripts:

 Capybara Capitaine:

Next up some figures from the Empire of Aquitar:

A Mole Tactician:

Some Badger-at-Claws:

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