Sunday, January 23, 2011

15mm Vietnam Commission

I've been working on a larger 15mm Vietnam Commission for a customer. All figures are Battlefront's/Wargames Illustrated figures. This is the infantry from the order. I am still working on the helicopters.

The US Infantry Airmobile force. 3 Platoons with the HQ platoon. There is a fourth platoon awaiting completion but I'm waiting for replacement figs from Battlefront.

 The company command teams

 The mortars of the HQ section

 The medic team of the HQ section

 The company command team with Moore and Plumley of the HQ section on the left

 The PAVN Horde

 Close-up of the recoiless rifles in the first weapons platoon

 Close-up of the machine guns in the HQ section

 Close-up of the anti air platoon

 Overview of the entire PAVN force.

The figures paint up well but I am pretty disappointed in the quality of the figures. Some were miscast pretty bad and quite a few had the ends of their rifles broken off while in the packaging, especially the M16's on the US figures. That doesn't make me happy considering the price you pay for Battlefront's miniatures. To add insult to injury since the figures were a "limited production" item and are no longer being made it takes forever to find replacement figures for damaged ones. I can only imagine the typical gamer who buys lead and puts it away for a few years then finally gets around to working on a Vietnam project being really frustrated with the condition of the figures and the difficulty in getting replacements.

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  1. The figures (and more) are back in (regular) production now !