Friday, January 21, 2011

This Week's High Elf Extravaganza! Snow Days Rock!

This is Allison (Evil Bob's wife):
I'm working on an order of High Elves, two Isle of Blood boxes without the Skaven.  I had to ask Bob though because I just paint stuff.  He then said, "Quit bothering me while I'm trying to do math."  <<chuckle>>  I think he hates it when I have snow days (I'm a substitute English teacher) because I drive him crazy.  Anyways...

At the beginning of the week I painted the war griffons with the prince riders and for the past two days I've been fiddling with the Ellyrian Reavers when I've felt like painting and not crocheting.  To forewarn you, I use a mixture of paints: Cel-Vinyls, Reapers, Model Color, Vallejo etc. and I use a number of methods of painting: dry-brushing, damp brushing, pseudo-Dallimore... I kinda go with whatever will be easiest on the model and look appropriate.

As for paint schemes, I decided that I'd pretty much go with the images from White Dwarf; I like them well enough.  However, if you notice, I painted the griffons more of a golden brown coloring instead of the duller wood gray that they are in the White Dwarf.  I have nothing against the paint scheme chosen in WD; I believe they chose it because it really makes the rider stand out from the griffon, I just prefer a brighter eagle overall and I feel that it complements the lion body better <<shrug>>.  In order to get my coloring I chose images of golden and Asian eagles from online; I also admired their patterning.

In order to get similar colors as the image above; but ones that 'pop', are noble and golden like I feel High Elves should appear, I chose from the Cel-Vinyl range: Burnt Umber, dry-brush of Brown, dry-brush of Light Brown and dry-brush of Ocher only on the Light Brown areas.  Finally, there is a Badab black wash over the tips where the Burnt Umber is in order to make it almost black.  The white patches are Polished Bone and highlighted with Stencil.

As for the prince himself, it's pretty much just like the WD.  Burnished gold armor with a Ogryn flesh wash and Mithril silver dry-brushing; Necron abyss cloak with Mordain blue and Deep Sky blue high lighting.  I don't know what colors were used in the WD; but these are what I was using.

Now, for today, I'm onto the Ellyrian Reavers.  I like the scheme in the WD so I'm gonna go with that one.  This is all the farther I am for the moment, sorry.

I think I'm going to keep it simple: The horses are done first in Cel-Vinyl Gray 25, 15 and 5 (dry-brushing the other grays on).  I like the spots on the ones in WD, but I don't feel like doing them; it's a busy model already.  For the brown leathers I'll use Cel-Vinyl Brown with a dry brush of Light Brown and a wash of Badab black.  Metals will be Mithril Silver with Badab black wash; Burnished gold with a wash of Ogryn flesh.  The feathers will probably be Stained ivory, washed with Sepia and dry-brushed with Creamy Ivory.  The red will most likely be Cel-Vinyl Red with a wash of Leviathan purple.  The blues will be the same as for the griffon riders' cloaks.  Lastly, the white in Gray 5, highlighted in Gray 1, highlighted in white, and then washed in a watered down white.
Well, I think it's about time I get back to painting... depending on how far I get the the Reavers perhaps I'll post pics of them later.  BTW, if I misspelled something by way of the paint colors, I apologize, I'm typing quickly so as to get back to painting.  I don't get paid to blather on and type professionally.  ;-)

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