Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Another 15mm Napoleonic French Army

Just completed another Napoleonic French army. These are again AB Figures. Completing this job gets us much closer to catching up after Cold Wars.

Again the customer will do their own basing. I'm not crazy about showing figs without basing/ flocking as I'm never really happy about their appearance but here they are anyway.

And before anyone brings it up, yes, I know some bayonets and plumes need straightened. That will be done as they are packed for shipping. I was in a hurry to get the pics done as I needed the table space to work on some prep work for some other orders.

Voltigers of the Line

Light Infantry Voltigers

Voltigers and Casualties

Light Infantry

Line Infantry

That's a lot of white straps!

Extra Officers

The flag bearers all had their hands drilled out to accept pre-made flags, probably form the Flag Dude. The customer was handling this as well.

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