Wednesday, March 30, 2011

WIP shots New Korean War figs from Acheson

I've been very busy here trying to catch up on deliveries that should have been made at Cold Wars and still keep the other orders moving. To make a long story short Allison, who is a substitute teacher, has been appointed to a full time position until the end of the school year to fill a vacancy at the school. So we're short of painters here which has resulted in the schedule I had planned basically being tossed out the window. As a result I have quit taking on new customers and am concentrating on the work that is currently here.

Here's some WIP shots of some new figures that will be coming out from Acheson Creations. They are 28mm Korean War US and Chinese figures. Since the kit is basically the same as late WWII, these figures would also work for late winter WWII, and I think the Chinese would even fill in for some of the eastern divisions the Soviets used to halt the German advance.

These are getting pretty close to completion. There's some detail work to be picked out on them and then the basing needs done. I wasn't really happy with the way they were turning out but I put them aside for a few days and I suppose they don't look too bad.

Sculpted by Richard Deasey, they will be produced by Acheson Creations and will be the first of their Korean War line released. Once I get these finished up and sent off the Craig he can get some images done and get them put up in their webstore.

Speaking of upcoming items from Acheson here's a sneak peak of something in the works. These are images of the masters and I'm pretty excited to see what these will look like in the flesh:

Anybody want to guess what these are? I will tell you they are masters for both 15mm and 28mmm versions. I know Craig's been slow with the terrain of late but he's been busy trying to get their figure lines up to speed. With what's in the pipeline it may just be worth the delay.

I'm off to finish the Korean War figs and yet another 15mmm French Napoleonic army. <<sigh>> I think this makes what, number five?!? Once I get this banged out though there's some interesting stuff to give me a break from the Napoleonics in 15mm.

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