Thursday, February 23, 2012

15mm American Indians and AmericanCivil War

Here's another commission for a customer. This order included 15mm American Indians for the French and Indian War (FIW) period and 15mm Confederate artillery and crew for the American Civil War (ACW). The Indians were made by Khurasan Miniatures and the ACW figures are Old Glory 15's.

I can't lay entire claim to the skin tones on the Indians. The customer had started these and ran out of steam so the skin was partially completed. I added a touch of shading and highlighting and finished the details. Allison then did the tattoos and warpaint.

The artillery and crews are part of an on-going project. This batch of CSA artillery will complete that portion of the project. Next up is to expand on the previously done infantry, following up with markers, limbers, and so forth. The figures are individually based and the guns are un-based to allow the customer to use them with a variety of rule sets.

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