Monday, February 27, 2012

28mm MERCs Sci-Fi Miniatures

Here are the first two units we did for a customer for the MERCs Sci-Fi skirmish game. The customer keeps a large supply of miniatures for us to do. I dig into the 50 pound box of metal pretty regularly and paint a batch up and ship them out to him. The American Indians and American Civil War figures in the last posts were part of the last batch sent out. There's a wide variety of stuff in there and it makes it nice to go in and pick something different out to break up the monotony of the endless stream of 15mm Napoleonics that seem to march through here.

The first unit is from the Yellow Jackets faction. I played around with a new wash on the yellow and I like the way it turned out:

The second unit is from the Kemvar faction:

These are multi-part 28mm metal miniatures. The customer had previously assembled and primed them. During shipping to me one guy had lost his arms and another 2 lost one arm. A fourth guy lost his back pack. I re-attached them with JB Kwik so hopefully that will solve the issue. If you plan on trying them out be prepared to spend some time on the assembly. The poses are pretty dramatic and being metal, they take a bit of time to put together in a way that they still look like they are moving naturally and not contorting in a strange ritualistic dance.

There's a whole sub-box of these critters so there will be more later. Time permitting I'll try and do a step-by-step process post.

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