Monday, August 20, 2012

French and Indian War Pennsylvania Rangers

Here's another unit painted up for Loyalhanna Outpost of some rangers from the Galloping Major Miniatures French and Indian War line of figures. These are painted up as the Pennsylvania Rangers:

The coat is painted with Cell Vinyl's olive, then highlighted with a drybrush of Cell Vinyl's Olive Drab. A light wash of a mix of our homemade olive and a darker green was then applied.

The leggings are a mix of different colors: Cell Vinyl's Light Brown #10, Brown #10, and Vallejo's Gold Brown. Some washes of some homemade browns provided the shading.

Ground cover is a simple two step process: First a layer of Woodland Scenics' Earth Blend with a second layer of patches of Scenic Express' Alpine Meadows blend. It takes a little bit more time to do two layers on the basing but it does help to step up the appearance of the figures by a bit.

 Again, these are nice figures: detailed with lots of character. There's a nice variety of equipment to give the figures in a unit individuality.

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  1. These are really cool, the FIW and AWI are a couple of periods I haven't started yet, although I do have an excellent uniform book for the AWI, post like these make me want to start, well done.