Sunday, February 10, 2013

28mm Pulp Nazis on Dinosaurs

Here's some images of some Nazis with dinosaurs for alternate history/ wierd war two or pulp games.  The miniatures are manufactured by Eureka Miniatures. In case regular old Nazis weren't bad enough, these are mounted on dinosaurs complete with bombs and a 37mm cannon!

These were a lot of fun to paint. Two of my favorite periods are WWII and Pulp, so this was like the best of both worlds. I went with more tropical/ warm weather uniforms and equipment for the Germans except for the ones mounted on the flying dinosaurs, which have uniforms inspired more by Luftwaffe uniforms. So they are a mix of Africa Korp and Mediterranean uniforms and equipment.
The Stukasaurus mounted Luftwaffe

The Stukasaurus models appear to be of Pteranodons. The paint job on them is loosely based on some artwork I found of pteranodons.

A German on a Tarbosaurus


A Gendarme with Velociraptors

This dinosaurs were all base coated with the airbrush then additional details added by hand with a regular brush using both wash and drybrush techniques. Next the equipment and the mounts were painted. Finally the figures were based and the basing detailed with putty, flock, static grass, and grass clumps.


  1. where are these dinosaurs from?

  2. It says in the first paragraph: Eureka Miniatures. There is a link there as well.