Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Architects of War Blood Trees

Architects of War has their own miniatures game called Fanticide which has some really interesting miniatures in it. More of these will be appearing over the next month as we complete them. These "Blood Trees" are part of that line but would work well in a variety of games as a sort of evil Tree. Sized for 28mm they are a pretty decent size, probably about 8+ inches tall.

These are two complete sets we did for two customers but placed together for effect. Eight of the models will cover a pretty decent area. Mixed in with some regular trees these would make a pretty decent sized evil forest.

They have lots of character and paint up well. I left off the foliage until the tree itself was painted then attached it afterward. I then touched up the join a bit. There is a bit of a seam where the armatures attach but for the most part it is barely noticeable, especially at normal gaming distances.

The pool of blood is our usual resin bar-top stuff, poured in after painting and left to dry well.

We will have some Fey, Creeps, and Flying Monkeys coming up from their line later this month.

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