Thursday, June 6, 2013

28mm WWII US Paratroopers

Here's a collection of 28mm WWII US Paratroopers for a customer. The figures are all from Warlord Games' Bolt Action line, with a couple of Artizan bazooka teams thrown in at the end for comparison.

These are set up for for the rule set Bolt Action. The US force consists of 2 squads plus a command team and a support squad. Here's some views of the whole force:

Next are some pics of the two squads:

I took an impressionistic  approach to the 101'st patches on their shoulders. I wanted to give the idea of what was there but not over do it so that the detail became lost at a distance. I've found this technique works well at this scale. You can see the results on the left arms of the figures.

Here's the support sqaud and the command team. The support squad has a 60mm mortar and a bazooka team.


Finially here's some images of some Artizan bazooka teams. The customer wanted two teams and I was having trouble getting a hold of a second Bolt Action team. Lon from Brigade Games had an Artizan pack in stock and shipped it out to me so the customer can make the decision whether to replace the one Bolt Action team with the two Artizan teams or stay with the Bolt Action team. Since this order is going to Australia we can't cost effectively send out a few figures later on.

This pic sshows the Bolt Action figures on the left and the Artizan on the right. Note the Artizan bazooka is a touch larger:

Here's an Artizan figure on the left and a Botl Action figure on the right. The artizan figures' weapons seem to be a touch larger in scale but proportion-wise the figures match pretty well, especially when based. 


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