Monday, December 2, 2013

First Batch of Reaper Bones Ready to Go!

At long last here is the first batch of the Reaper Bones orders we have here. At least a couple of the orders. I didn't want to clutter up the images too much with four of the same figure so I only imaged two at a time.

This batch was composed of the demons, devils, half demons, and dark elves. All of the figures are the new Reaper Bones material from their first Kickstarter, with the exception of the Orcus and Tsathogga figures, which are metal.


Two versions of Orcus

The Bones material is okay. Allison and I aren't entirely sold on it. The detail is much softer on many of the figures than the metal versions. This makes painting a it trickier and time consuming; many of our regular techniques don't work as usual forcing us to adapt.

Despite straightening some of the figures some of the bends came back. This can really be seen in one of the big demon/devil's wings. While for that figure is actually adds some character it is more annoying in some of the smaller figures.

Prep also had to be completely redone. The figures were washed then primed with Vallejo Airbrush Surface Primer. Regular rattle-can paint attacks the material leaving it forever tacky.

Likewise clear coating was a problem. I know Reaper says you don;t need to clear coat but I'm skeptical of the paint jobs holding up in the long term with use. Again my regular rattle-can Krylon results in a perpetually tacky figure. I found that Liquitex Matte could be airbrushed on. This takes more time, however, as I like to do a few coats and I like to leave each coat dry at least 48 hours before applying the next just to be safe.

Still I think Allison did a fantastic job on these. This first batch was a learning experience but at elast now we know what we are dealing with.

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