Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Last of 2013 Christmas Orders: 120mm German Cavalryman

The last order we needed to get ready for Christmas was a 120mm German SS cavalryman. The kit was from Verlinden and when we opened it up there were several pieces missing. I contacted the company but they said the kit was out of production and there was no way to replace the pieces. We made a decision to try sculpting a couple of the missing pieces.

Allison and I both worked on the figure. I did most of the assembly, priming, and base coating. I also worked on the horse and the camouflage.  Allison worked on the flesh and attaching the pieces to the base, the leather, and eyes. In addition she sculpted the missing pieces.

As an upper level kit you were expected to scrath-build the reins, feed bag strap, and a couple of the belts for the saddle as well. They have included a tiny piece of foil to do so with but it was a joke; there was maybe enough material to make the two belts for the saddle and that was about it. I had to scrounge around for some thicker foil to make the other bits out of.

 This last pic to to show the scale of the piece. At 1200mm it is considerably larger than we usually deal with. The smaller figure in the picture is a 28mm Reaper and it shows just how much larger the cavalryman is.

In all I'm pleased with how the piece turned out. Now I just have to figure out a way to pack it up to ship it safely to the customer!

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