Thursday, April 16, 2015

28mm Samurai and Far East Order

Here's a collection of 28mm samurai/ far east miniatures we did for a customer. The figures are a mix of Perry and Kensei. The Kensei are finely detailed miniatures, but they are multipart metals so they are a bit tricky to put together. We removed the slotta base tabs as per the customer's request and instead mounted them to smaller round bases to match their other stuff.

This is one of the Kensei figures. Once the tabs were removed it was mounted onto a base to match the other style used. I actually bent this figure down a bit as there were only two contact points, each connected to two fine legs. By doing so, I created a third contact point. While the pose is a bit awkward, the figure will be much more sturdy. Adding a shrub to the side makes the horse look like it is avoiding the obstacle, perhaps explaining the lean to the right.

I did the grunt work on the figures and Allison finished them up by adding eyes and patterns to the clothing on the hero types, and to the villagers to make them stand out a bit more.