Tuesday, April 28, 2015

28mm WWII Vehicles and Sturmbattalion Charlemagne

More 28mm WWII goodness. This is another batch I did for a customer. He has a very large amount of vehicles I've been doing in batches to make the project manageable. In addition there's some interesting figures in the lot as well to do here and there.


Sturmbattalion Charlemagne

Italian 100mm guns

German 150mm

Quad Gaz AA Trucks

German 105's

Japanese Heavy AA

Some lighter Japanese AA

Vehicles are really tricky. They are usually a decent time sink in assembly alone. While the vehicles can use some weathering, I had to stay within a budget so I focused more on a neat, visually appealing paint job.


  1. Beautiful armies...and impressive, this 150mm is really impressive! Nice job on the bases...