Wednesday, October 31, 2018

October Express Orders 1 and 2: The Start of the Shang Chinese Project

I recently expanded our Express Service with the schedule changes due to Allison's picking up a gig at a local high school. This expansion is somewhat doubling the amount of the Express limit, and adding a second one as well. Here is the start of that, October 1 and October 2. I had a customer contact me if he could have both slots from October to get started on his Shang Chinese army. So we combined both slots for a due date at the end of October. Here are the results:

First four units and an execution scene

We included movement trays with this set of orders to match the army units.

Lone straggler from another project of theirs
This was a fun project and a nice change of pace from the usual suspects but it is back to the regular scheduled projects.

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  1. Wonderful miniatures, they look superb, colorful...and truly fierce!