Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Gnomy Monday

 I was extremely excited to begin painting these Gnome Reaper figures.  I think they are simply adorable and so well sculpted; personality just oozes from these figures.
So, let us talk inspiration.  Of course I perused the D&D players handbook in the gnome section for what they typically look like and wear...that was good.  I didn't have to do that, I just chose to.  With that said, D&D reports that gnomes are brownish skinned with fair hair and blue eyes; they enjoy to wear earth colors and like adornments on their clothing and gems.  Yeah, I know, I sound like gnomes are real.  But, what if they are?  We wouldn't want to insult them.

Here are the three gnomes I worked on:

She has straw colored hair and very light blue-gray eyes.  Went with gold accents on neutral/natural colors.  Wanting her staff to stand out, I kept it black and made the gems a bold red.  My favorite part is the set of keys in her braid at the back. ;-)

Marius Burrowell
This gnome has character to spare!  His face is so full of gesture.  Because gnomes are so compact, I wanted to keep things very simple and keep the colors to a minimum.  I think the key in smaller proportioned figures is to pick a couple objects and make them stand out and keep the others rather subdued.

I love the devilish brilliance in his eyes so I made them a bright blue in the same color as his sash.  The spiked shape of his collar prompted me to choose a earthy red for his shirt.  Again, keeping it simple I chose a grayed-orange yellow for his pants and dark brown for boots.  All the focal point should be in his eyes and magical feat.  I am considering adding a little sparkle to his flames...not sure yet.

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