Friday, July 22, 2011

Ruined Temple

This is a temple vignette that Bob and I created for an order that accompanies the set of Foundry's Greek mythological characters.

If you'd like to see the characters that go with this temple, refer back to a previous December blog post: Ancient Greek Heroes.

It was first painted with Grayed Orange Yellow 12, then dry-brushed with Stained Ivory, and again with Creamy Ivory.  We wanted a warmer effect to the stone, something almost rosy like the photographs of Greece.

The little urn is black with Burnt Sienna designs.  I looked over images of Grecian urns on the web and then did a kind of abstract people in movement and wheat pattern band at the top.  I think it does the trick and gives the impression.

The foliage is from Scenic Express; Silflor miniNature prairie tufts and beech tree are the taller pieces.

I went on to have some fun with the photographs; I insisted that there should be some people in this landscape. ;-)
"Oh, hey, look at this great urn; I bet it's worth a lot!" says the barbarian.  Rolling her eyes, "Let me see if it has any magical properties before you touch anything," counters the sorceress.  The monk just stares, shakes his head at the ignorance of looting and thinks to himself, "Why did I even come on this adventure?"
Because they were caught-up in their thoughts, they failed to make a spot check for the giant that was hiding behind one of the columns.

And then it all becomes hazy as a magical effect takes hold of the party.
 Okay, so these figures are our regular D&D gaming figs, so if you see some chips that's because people have ham-hands.  And no, I don't have too much time on my hands.  I simply procrastinate well.

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