Wednesday, July 20, 2011

More Display Pieces for Acheson Creations

Here are a few more display stands we have completed for Acheson Creations. It includes the first few figures for the Kaiju Kaos  line/ ruleset and a couple of huts. Allison did the painting on the figures and I did the painting on the huts.

First up are three pieces For Kaiju Kaos: an undead pageant winner, or some such thing,  a werewolf, and what line of miniatures would be complete without an evil scientist? Overall the figures are a little rougher, but with a little care and time do paint up well. Even if you're not a Kaiju Kaos player they could fit in with a bunch of other type of games. I'm pretty sure a few will end up in my pulp or zombie games.

Next up are some 28mm huts. Now if you follow us at the shows you'll notice I've actually done in a more accurate grey than our usual newer ocher-ish color. Let me go into this a bit more. I can't count the number of people who have come up to the stand at shows and complained that we did our thatch wrong as thatch turns grey. While accurate, my experience has been grey thatch doesn't sell. Well, eventually you can sell most of the pieces, but that's only after you discount them to get them off the table. Fact is yellow thatch sells. In droves. By the dozens. As a result, 99% of the thatched roof buildings we paint up have yellow thatch and will in the future. When the sales shift the other way, then we'll start painting more grey thatched roofs than yellow thatched.

The first is the old standby Celt 1 code, with is a simple celtic hut, with a removable roof. This would serve quite well as a generic round stone hut. 

Next up is a new piece, a Pict house (code Pict 1), priced from Acheson unpainted at $15. Quite a neat little piece, and fairly large as it stands 5 1/2 inches tall to the peak of the roof, which is removable.  I actually painted two of these exactly the same, so we have one floating around for sale at $40 unbased, with a base with some flocking, flowers, etc figure it for $45. It needs either based or just flock applied around the outside of the hut yet, but other than that is ready to go. It will eventually find its way onto the webstore or to Fall-In.  With the record we have of selling grey thatch, I foresee us having this one for quite awhile. Please prove me wrong.

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