Wednesday, November 2, 2011

20mm WWII German Infantry and Vehicles

One of the orders we had for delivery at Fall In was a bunch of 20mm WWII German infantry. While I was getting these done I also knocked out a few 20mm German vehicles. All of the infantry figures are made by FAA and the vehicles are from Britannia.

I had previously did an order of German Wehrmacht for the customer. There were roughly the same amount of figures in that first batch, mostly riflemen, submachine guns, and machine gunners. This batch adds more options such as pioneers, panzerfausts and panzershrecks, MP44's, and mortars.

Overview of the whole batch: 92 pieces

I had a few 1943 15mm vehicles to do so I dug out these 20mm vehicles and finished them up. They weren't part of the order (and are for sale) so I used them for display on the table and when I get the chance will add them to the webstore.

There's many more pictures to get up of things we completed for the show: more RPG characters, Warhammer Bretonnians, War of the Roses cavalry and artillery, terrain, and more! As I get the chance I will get more posted.

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