Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Third Batch of Reaper Miniatures Shipped

This is the third batch of a larger Reaper order we are doing for a customer. These actually shipped a little while ago but this is the first chance I've gotten to update the blog. I'm pressed fro time, and Allison is doing a full-time sub position for a local high school that lasts until February so this post will be a little brief.

First up is the Jabberwocky. This model was a pain to assemble! It's all metal and somewhat fragile with the tendrils that come off the face. As for colors, she mulled it over a bit and finally decided to go with a color scheme along the lines of the most recent movie with Johnnie Depp in it. Using blacks, greys, and the RMS Dark Elf Flesh triad she came up with this:

Now we get into some more adventurers:

 A close-up of the dark elf:

 Some miscellaneous animals. Great for druid companions:

 The order also included a box of the arabic-themed miniatures:

 She took her time and put a little extra into this for the customer, working on the patterns on the cloth as seen on the vest on the figure on the left:

 Again on the figure on the left she really went to town creating a pattern on his robe:

 Close-up of the robe:

That only leaves 9 orcs for me to finish off. Unfortunately, while unloading the van after the show I managed to pull my back out. I honestly think I pulled it once while loading the van by myself on the Thursday before, then continued to do it in unloading/loading at the show. While the four large bins I use make it fast and easy to load and unload they really make it a two person job due to their weight. A 36 inch by 18 inch by 24 inch bin filled with metal figures gets quite heavy! I lost a little over a week trying to let my back heal up.  It feels much better now though I may have to rethink my packing strategy if I am going to do a show by myself.

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  1. Just a quick thanks for the Jabberwocky color scheme. I used it to paint my Jabberwocky Reaper Bones model. The Reaper Bones Jabberwocky actually has a different pose, and the base was warped, so rebased it onto cork, with a similar grey-on-black color scheme. I toned down the white areas with Quick Shade Ink so the focus is more on the eyes and tongue.