Saturday, November 5, 2011

28mm Perry Wars of the Roses Commission

One of our customers wanted to do the Wars of the Roses (WoTR) in 28mm using Perry Miniatures. Here's images of the bulk of the order so far. Missing from the images are the leaders from both the Lancaster and York houses; I somehow skipped taking pics of them.

First up are a few artillery pieces. These are all metal. The arc gun is a bit of a pain to put together. As you'll notice in the pics, its two bars are still slightly bent. While I normally don't like plastic all that much this piece would probably be better off made in plastic. Trying to get everything aligned just right while gluing it is no easy task. I did manage to get them a little more straight before delivering the order but they still had a slight bend to them.

Next is the cavalry. I did two command sets: one for the Yorkists and one for the Lancastrians. This will allow the customer to do either a unit of cavalry for both sides or one larger unit for one side.

We used several boxes of the plastic infantry to make up the foot troops from both sides:

Perry makes some swell figures and they are always a joy to paint up. Though I'm not normally a plastics fan they do a good job with their plastic sets. Now that the mercenaries are out we may do a few boxes of them to bulk out the customer's armies a bit. There's also a few more different artillery pieces we can add. In addition, some more foot would really round out the infantry. We'll see where they want to go from here.


  1. !! How many ?? That´s one lot of WotR´s figs. !!!

  2. 30 cav, 80 infantry, 2 guns with 10 crew, and 12 noble leaders both foot and mounted.